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Lawrence Gaming Club is an organization within Lawrence University deidcated to the education and promotion of a healthy, safe, and fun gaming environment. We encourage everyone, from fresh faces to regular players, to try new games. The club owns lots of games from computer to board games and everything in between. If you're interested or intrigued, feel free to stop by! We are located at 711 E. Alton St, Appleton WI (the house with grey doors).

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The Board '15-'16.

The board hosts open meetings every week Wednesday at 9:00 pm. If you have anything you would like to suggest, a comment to make, or just want to come hangout with these awesome people, drop by!

  • Club President: Alex Foley
  • House Resident Life Manager (RLM): Fiona Masterton
  • Outreach Coordinator: David DeStasio
  • Events Manager: Megan Davidson
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Evan Class
  • Diversity Representative: Chris Gore-Gammon
  • Events Coordinator: Micheal Willy
  • Events Coordinator: Connor Randell

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